Thomas Fuller once said, “Planters are people who love and love others”. Because taking care of a tree requires a lot of work, patience and affection. Offering a tree is also an expression of love for others.Have you ever tried to use bonsai as a gift to remind “Thanks for helping me grow” or not? This is a small but extremely meaningful tip. If you don’t believe, try reading till the end of the page!
Use bonsai as a giftBonsai for relatives
Relatives can be your family or relatives, whom you always need to show affection. A gift, big or small, will be an unforgettable souvenir for both the giver and the receiver. Offering a pot of Lan Ho Diep or a couple of bonsai trees, it implies that “I’m very grateful to you”. I was so glad because every sleep are tastier thanks pots Rosemary , Lavender, …
You will smile when you receive the Lotus Stone, Cactus or miniatures. The brother always cherishes Van Nien, Kim Ngan, Kim Tien , …
Bonsai for lover, friends, colleagues
You don’t need to have a specific reason to give gifts to the people we love. Giving a bonsai pot to someone means something like thanking, apologizing or simply wanting them to always remember you.
For lovers, friends or colleagues, we have the opportunity to interact and understand each other’s hobbies and personalities. Based on that, you can know whether the opponent loves bonsai or not and what kind of tree to choose from.
Gifts from bonsai for these objects do not need to be too valuable and too big in size. A beautiful small mini pot with a desk, a bookshelf, a corner of the window or a balcony hanging is the most ideal idea.
Bonsai for teachers, bosses, leaders
Teachers, bosses, or office leaders are people you need to love, respect, even be polite or take heart. Show them by giving them a bonsai. In places like classrooms, offices or workplaces, putting trees will increase the vitality of the room.
Many people believe that planting trees brings good feng shui. Others believe that planting should be avoided because dead trees are ominous. Therefore, when using bonsai as a gift for these people, you need to pay special attention to their hobbies and taboos.
For teachers, you should identify as giving a tree so that they can place it at the teachers’ desk, in the classroom or plant it at home. Depending on the location that should choose the right tree. In the classroom, it is impossible to place too many trees or trees that are too big. Suitable plants such as desktop plants, hanging potted plants, mini trees with windows, etc.
When giving the tree to the boss or the best leader should choose the plants that have good feng shui meaning. Planting that tree helps them advance faster in business, prosperous business, forward business or abundant wealth. And bonsai for these people need to be elegant and majestic, luxurious but powerful. Typically such as Van Nien Thanh , Bach Ma Hoang Tu , Tong Ho , Truc Nhat, Cau Tieu Tram , …
Ornamental plants special occasion
There are many special occasions that we can or are obligatory to give bonsai as gifts. Typically, the opening day, housewarming, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, etc. Depending on the occasion, the choice of bonsai to give is different.
Opening the tree should give the wish to wish the production – business favorable, prosperous and prosperous. In addition to large flower baskets, you can choose Kim Tien , Kim Ngan , Phu Quy , Phat Tai, Hong Phat Loc , …
Housewarming is a happy day for a family, besides praying for money, most need peace, harmony. The advice given is for trees like Singapore Bang , Lan Y , Thinh Vuong, Thiet Moc Lan , Mai Van Phuc , Ngu Gia Bi , etc.

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