Living room is always the space that families pay most attention to. This is both a place to welcome visiting guests and a place for the whole family to gather. Therefore, the decoration of living room wall paintings needs attention. If you still do not know how to decorate appropriately, here Artena will share with you some useful experiences when choosing living room murals . Let’s refer to offline!

1. Instructions on how to choose the living room wall murals

The living room wall picture should be sized to fit the area of ​​the wall you are going to hang. Typically, the wall space favored by homeowners as a place to hang paintings is in the area above the sofa. Therefore, to create harmony and balance, you need to choose the size of paintings based on the living room area and sofa length.If the living room is narrow, you should buy small paintings with landscape themes to create an open space.
For walls with a width of less than 1.4m , it is recommended to choose large paintings or long paintings with smooth frames to show the elegance and class.If the wall is longer than 1.5m , hanging a set of many pictures will help the space become more spacious and colorful.

Currently on the market there are many types of beautiful and modern living room hanging pictures with extremely diverse and rich content and designs. Common types of hanging pictures of living room can be mentioned: landscape paintings, abstract paintings, monochrome paintings, feng shui paintings, etc. Each type of picture brings a different style and beauty. Depending on the taste and taste of each person, we will have our own options. In addition, you can also choose the content of feng shui living room wall paintings according to the destiny, to pray for fortune and peace for yourself and your family. For example, running on a fish (9 swimming fishes) will be suitable for the destiny of Thuy and help bring prosperity and prosperity to the homeowners. And the picture of the lord depicts auspicious news, which brings auspiciousness.

Quality paintings
For a mural , the quality and durability factor cannot be overlooked. Paintings in the living room need to be durable, able to withstand the effects of the environment, even in wet or dry weather, they will not deteriorate, warp. And one of the types of paintings that are appreciated for quality and durability is reliefs. This type of painting is meticulously carved on a solid, solid ground plane, which makes it difficult to fade and damage over time.

Some popular types of reliefs are: glass reliefs, composite reliefs, porcelain reliefs, clay reliefs, wooden reliefs, … Depending on your personal preferences, you can Choose a painting that suits your home space. Another small note to make the picture last longer is to choose a hanging position to avoid direct sunlight as it can easily damage the picture.

2. best-selling living room murals at Artena Decor

Since ancient times, the peacock has been seen as the embodiment of the royal phoenix on earth. In the concept of feng shui, peacock feathers are a good item that can draw energy from heaven and earth, so that it has the effect of regulating yin and yang, regaining air. A public painting hanging in the living room and office will bring balance, nobility, elegance to help the career advance, and the fortune of wealth to gather.
Murals Of Marriage In Dream

“Dream wedding” is essentially a living room wall picture in the shape of daffodils. According to folklore, narcissus means “water fairies” or fairies. The color of the daffodils is not brilliant, not as flashy as all other species but slender, pure, bold, aristocratic, gentle, gentle. At the end of the year, people take care of daffodils to bloom in New Year’s Eve, wish for good luck, abundant wealth and fortune.

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