This is probably the most common decoration in houses with trees. A pot of Singapore Eagle, Tongue Tiger or Kim Ngan or a tall lady betel tree often placed next to a sofa will be a highlight for your living room.

3. Create a tree corner like a small mini garden
If there are any open areas in your home that are not filled with items or they are in the corner of the wall, you can create a tree corner there. It is not necessary to decorate the same plant or pot. It is very unique if you know the combination of small pots on the shelf, large plant pots on the floor and pots of vines up high.

4. Decorative wall plants
There are many ways to use bonsai hanging on the wall. But the most common is using wooden frames. You can design them as follows:
Using wooden sticks cut straight to the pre-measured size, fasten to the wall in a certain shape (usually rhombus) and hang pots.
Cut long strips of wood and attach them to the mesh screen, at each knot of the mesh, hang a pot of plants.
Use a wooden ladder close to the wall to hang the tree.
Create a wooden window frame, close to the wall. Hang the tree there with decorative lights.
Put the planter pots on a wooden stand, use a rope to attach the stand, and hang it on the wall.
Using wood to make a joint, close to the wall and use these boxes as pots to plant trees.

5. Tie the potted Macrame cord
If you are clever and creative, try going to handmade stores to buy some paracord coils (a form of parachute cord) and woven into baskets for hanging bonsai pots on the wall. It is also possible to use ropes or large wool yarns for knitting. However, you need to master Macrame knitting technique and how to tie the string to apply this idea. Currently there are quite nice hanging pots hanging in the market, you can also buy them instead of making them yourself.

6. Create a wall hanging bonsai
Decorative wall paintings are quite unique and highly appreciated for decorative aesthetics. Right from the design of the construction of the house, you should put the wooden frame, plastic frame or stone box into the wall architecture, so that after completion, you can plant trees in it. Should choose plants that are easy to live, alternating with many plants to create a beautiful bonsai picture.

7. Decorate the staircase with small plant pots
Many houses with multi-storey structures will be empty on the stairs. Placing a few small plant pots on the stairs will be a good idea. However, you need to note that the distance used to go must be wide to use this decoration. And in the house without children or pets, it is safer.

8. Combine plant pots on shelves and decorations
There are many other decorative items such as paintings, picture frames, hourglass, wishful bottles, … that you can combine with alternating pots on the shelf. You can even put the pot in the same spot as your favorite books. This is a pretty good idea, isn’t it?

9. Use different pots
When you put multiple plants in one place, you can choose different types of pots for size, color, style to create a lively life. Many types of pots, or pretty animal-shaped pots are itself an ornament, when combined together and the same greenery will be quite interesting.

10. Use a single color pot
If colorful pots will catch the eye, the monochrome pots are a subtlety. Especially white, never outdated but extremely elegant. Another plus point of this indoor bonsai decoration is that the white pots are suitable for growing any type of plants because they do not show any color.

11. Use the trunk or twig
Instead of growing whole trees, why not try using just one stem or twig? There are many types of plants that just cut healthy branches, plug into a glass of clean water with the nutrient solution to grow new roots and lush as normal trees. This is a rather bohemian and modern design. You can do it with Kim Tien trees, Phat Loc trees, …

12. Plant trees by the window
Many people like sunlit windows. But summer is too hot sun is not good for your skin. Planting a few sun-tolerant ornamental plants at the window, just to decorate the space more beautiful, is a way for plants to grow better by receiving more light. Cactus pots you should place on the window sill, and add a few pots of vines, drooping leaves to dream.

13. Cactus World
Pointy thorns such as Cactus may not be good in feng shui if grown indoors. However, if you are too “addicted” to this plant, you can gather them in a separate corner. This corner should be a sunny place with few people, children and pets not touching so that the tree will live well and everything is safe.

14. Mini vegetable garden on the terrace
Another idea is to grow a mini-vegetable garden indoors. Do not put them in the kitchen, because it is quite hot because the fire can wither or die the tree. If growing vegetables in the kitchen, it should be placed far away from cooking places and near sinks – where there is water to help them live better. It is still better to grow vegetables on the balcony or terrace.

There are so many ways to decorate your home bonsai to apply right? Try out a suggestion now, or combine all of your ideas.

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