With neoclassical living room design style, every little corner of the house is carefully cared for. Thanks to that, the reception space of the family is always luxurious and modern but no less subtle.
The architect took white as the main color for the entire room, so that the space was greatly expanded. Inside the room is arranged a green sofa combined with tables and wooden chairs to create the elegance and elegance for the entire room.

Furniture living room furniture neoclassical minimalism priority, symmetric. In the middle of white, beige typical of sofas, the room is adorned with furniture with eye-catching and luxurious motifs.
Luxurious space and breath of Europe, the living room is arranged quite simple sofa. Factors that make the room stand out are probably the murals and bookshelves arranged on both sides of the room. The floor is lined with extra large beige cloth. Thereby creating a cozy and comfortable when receiving guests and family reunion.
The colorful living room space always creates a sense of comfort and relaxation whenever entering the room. With the predominant white color, the cleverly arranged items will help the small living room become more luxurious and friendly.
Overall the living room exudes elegance and modernity. Using the majestic, delicate sofa that speaks to the host’s level. Besides, the arrangement of more art paintings, table lamps create a special highlight for the entire room.

With this design you can see the beautiful neoclassical living room shown more clearly. The first is the use of long sofas in the center, 2 sides are decorative table lamps. The top uses chandeliers decorated with unique motifs. Besides, the owner also arranged more glass doors and large mirrors. All will create a spacious, eye-catching and more attractive.
Surely you will be surprised when the classic and modern styles are combined in the same space. With a spacious space, filled with light from the large doorway, this is a source of natural light and ventilation of the house. In addition, the stylized sofa also makes the room look friendly and eye-catching.
Living room partitions are quite eye-catching decorations, living room walls are arranged some more art paintings. Part ceiling plaster is arranged through light to get light for the room. Besides, the top is also decorated with sophisticated and attractive crystal chandeliers .
Neoclassical living room design with extremely sophisticated and soft patterns. Sofas and chairs are made of high quality wood material mixed between modern and luxurious features. Above the ceiling, the chandelier uses soft and delicate accents for the space.

The living room exudes luxurious beauty thanks to the eye-catching textured tables and chairs and quite sophisticated design. The space of the room creates an airy and comfortable feeling with quite large windows. Additional fur carpet to create accents and elegance in the space.
Hopefully, with 10 impressive neoclassical living room designs above, will help you choose a unique and economical design.

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