There are many people who have an interest in mini bonsai and want to put these plants in the living room as well as the family bedroom. To make the house more airy, pleasant and “greener” However, people often ask themselves questions about the question of placing plants in the bedroom good? By some questions related to health issues such as:
Does having plants in the bedroom at night interfere with the body’s ability to absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide, can it be easily suffocated, and lack of gas can affect sleep?
The bedroom is usually quiet and does not have enough light so will the tree survive and grow?
Or does Greenery attract parasites, mosquitoes and insects? And does defoliation or arable land cause unsanitary conditions, creating pathogens for humans?

Understanding this, soon Movic will answer you regarding the question of whether or not to plant plants in the bedroom ; as well as the benefits not to be missed when placing mini bonsai in your family’s apartment!
Whether or not to put plants in the bedroom?

Spicy in stupid room
To answer the question that is left in the bedroom plants harmful? The first thing you should do is to meet all 5 criteria, this requirement to put plants in the room to help improve the quality of sleep, while meeting the aesthetic of the house:
Choose plants with “reverse” biological mechanisms
Plants with inverted biological mechanisms or another name that is CAM plants or CAM photosynthesis plants (English name is Crassulacean acid metabolism), “reverse” of this plant means the metabolism contains Crassulacea acid.

To make it easier to understand, these CAM plants will have a “reverse” biological mechanism compared to most of the common plant species we know. They have a process of developing by sealing stomata (this stomata are used to absorb carbon dioxide) during the day to prevent the evaporation of plants, instead, will keep water for trunk. So we don’t need to water them too much.
When the weather was colder and wetter at night, the stomata were opened to “release” most of the oxygen, and at that time the plants began to absorb or “eat” the carbon dioxide. These CAM plant species are suitable for use in the bedroom because at night it will increase the amount of oxygen, and also contribute to the filtering process and reduce the toxic gases that can be harmful. body if available in your room. The air in the room will become comfortable, the quality of sleep will also improve.
Specifically, CAM plants you can refer to in the bedroom are: Tongue tree, Lan Chi tree (or other name is Spider tree), Pineapple tree, Nha Dam tree, Jade tree, …

Spicy in stupid room
Choose a tree of the right size and shape in your bedroom
A bedroom is a room that is usually designed with a closed space and has a moderate and limited area. In addition to the bed, there may be additional items such as dressing tables, benches, bookshelves, bookshelves for bedtime reading or types of floating wardrobes or hidden walls. Therefore, the plants in the bedroom you should not put the size of the medium size is too large, but should be planted in mini size pots, table or bedside cabinet as possible.
At the same time, be careful to avoid planting trees with too large stems, lush foliage, too bristling or trees with too many flowers or fruits or easily deciduous. In particular, absolutely not allowed to plant poisonous plants in the roots or stems. The tree species have stem, leaves should also be absolutely avoided.

Learn how to take care of plants
Bedrooms are usually quite tight and the sun and wind do not reach much. So, choose simple plants to put in your bedroom as easy as possible to take care of. You should prioritize choosing plants that prefer shade, do not need much sunlight and live under fluorescent lights, have good drought tolerance, do not need much watering and do not need high humidity .
Before choosing plants, don’t forget to look for information on how to take care of these plants. The regular and proper care of the “proper post” for each plant will help them grow well, avoid pests and diseases and prevent the growth of bacteria that harm the health of growers.
Every week bring all the plants from the living room to the bedroom to expose to the sunlight. They all need the same amount of energy as each of us after a hard working week. In the case of plants that appear pests or mold should use garden tools to clean, can use lime water or hydrogen peroxide as well as salt water to perform cleaning leaves.
Absolutely not spray insecticide into your bedroom, can be replaced with mosquito sprays. Avoid poisoning by spraying pesticides in your bedroom, which will directly damage your family and yourself.

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