Are you a fashionista? Tiny closet can not “contain” all the endless passion for shoes, clothes and accessories of you? Don’t worry, the 28 smart hanging models below will be the perfect savior for you.

1. When your closet is already full, different types of pylons will be an effective solution to dispel a nightmare called “mess and clutter.”

2. Just need a storage shelf, a clothes rack and a large mirror, in a blink of an eye the room has been transformed into a true fashion showroom.

3. With a minimalist design, the rack can fit into many indoor spaces, but perhaps the most popular and most popular is still in the bedroom.

4. Just put the rack in a small corner of the room, you have a place to comfortably hang dozens of dresses, sweaters, shirts of all kinds.

5. Add a simple board below, so you’ve got 2 shelves for shoes to delight.

6. Sometimes, you just need to find a long log and use the rope hanging on both ends to have a unique suspension system that is still as convenient as usual.

7. The intelligent rack mount integrated with the storage shelf helps to increase storage capacity up to multiple times.

8. A suspension system installed on the ceiling creates a spacious feeling for the bedroom.

9. A simple but still cool type of “hanging rack”.

10. This unique stand design proves the “Simple is the best” fashion motto.

11. Some pylons also have additional shelves, so you can pocket or shoes.

13. You can also put an additional pot next to bring green space for the house.

14. The greatest advantage of these types of pylons is the simple design, easy to use and easy to move to different locations.

15. Huge amount of clothes and shoes are arranged neatly, neatly like candy, all thanks to smart racks like this.

16. A little dressing room corner for you, what could be more wonderful?

17. Favorite items are always within reach.

18. Capital “comes” from the fashion store, but clothing hangers are increasingly popular in the family.

19. Because of that, the shelves always make the room become fashionable and attractive.

21. Do you think this is a regular wardrobe? Oh no, more than that, this is truly a universal closet!

22. Despite its modest size, the functionality of the pylons is not modest at all.

23. The owner of this room must be a manly and energetic guy.

24. And this is probably the room of a girl who loves and loves brand.

25. The room is neat and still cool personality.

26. This is a storage of not only clothes but everything from hats, shoes to bags.

27. The room looks cool and cool like a studio.

28. Thanks to the convenient pylons, the room is always neat and tidy, but still extremely fashionable.

Jake Paul
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