How to choose the best hiking shoes?

1. Waterproof ability
Surely you also know in the places where hiking or hiking trekking often has quite diverse terrain, sometimes rugged, sometimes gravel and certainly not indispensable places with rivers and streams, so that Water-proof properties are always paid special attention by users.
This is also the difference between the line of waterproof climbing shoes with ordinary sports shoes. However, in fact, not all product lines are equipped with this unique feature. When choosing, pay attention to products manufactured using special GORE-TEX® Surround® Technology.
The advantage of this technology is that they are one-way waterproof. That said, waterproof trekking shoes are able to prevent water from getting in from the outside, but the moisture from the shoe can still escape easily. Thanks to this feature, when using, especially in the summer you will still feel extremely comfortable.
Water resistance will be most pronounced in the toe of the shoe (the part in contact with the big toe). The upper part of this wading trekking shoe is usually very thick, providing water resistance in wet weather or muddy roads, while helping to protect leather shoes from rocks, scratches, photos. affect the aesthetics.
Many people often wonder because they do not know how to know if these are waterproof climbing shoes ? Do not be too worried because most manufacturers are now printing directly on the packaging or the body of the shoe so you can easily identify instead of having to test the waterproofing ability of the product.
Trekking is an outdoor activity that is much loved today. Let’s find out what trekking is !

2. The sole of the shoe is slip resistant
In addition to being waterproof, slip resistance is also an important factor that you should not ignore. The most obvious thing to know is that you should care about the sole of outdoor shoes?
Due to the increasing demand, so on the market today there are more and more products equipped with more and more trekking shoes with different features. To be able to find and understand all the characteristics of each type of shoe sole, indeed, it is not easy.
So in today’s article we will help you find yourself a popular and well-rated product today!
Most of these products often have a sole base made of rubber because this is a material with outstanding advantages of good adhesion and wear resistance. Moreover, compared to sports shoes, they are not as elastic, but you can be assured because when using, especially when traveling in complex terrains, you will still feel completely comfortable. roof.
Not stopping there, other great advantages of these men and women climbing shoes are often appreciated for their durability. This is perfectly suited and meets the needs of use in areas with uneven terrain, especially with the characteristics of climbing or trekking, durability is always a very necessary factor.
There are many lines of specialized climbing shoes from famous brands such as Scarpa, which are often designed soles made from many different types of rubber to enhance the grip as well as make it easier for you to move. The middle sole of these products is usually made from PU-Direct Attach, the sole in Nylon Insert. The most special is the outsole produced by Vibram® Energy II / XS Trek technology – a type of shoe sole technology that is chosen by many manufacturers today.
In addition to the material, one of the determinants of slip resistance is that the base should have grooves that increase friction and minimize slip resistance. For places with a lot of mud, you should choose the trekking shoes with deep and large grooves, as opposed to places with a lot of gravel, this groove should be smaller and more.

3. The outer material is aesthetically pleasing as well as the durability used
In addition to paying attention to water or slip resistance, the outside material of these specialized climbing shoes is also paid special attention. Some materials commonly used today are as follows:
+ Suede material:
It can be said that this is a material with high durability because they have good water and scratch resistance. Most hiking shoes today are also made of this material. However, the downside of suede is that it is not as lightweight as conventional fabrics and easier to get dirty.
+ Synthetic material:
Besides suede, synthetic material is often chosen by many manufacturers for their products. Specially designed climbing shoes are often combined with breathable fabric and suede, so they possess all the advantages of the materials on the market today.

4. The inner lining helps create smoothness
When choosing a pair of shoes to be able to accompany on the trip, many people often have a habit of only interested in the material and design of the outside but forget that the inside is also important because they Will continue directly to your feet as they affect smoothness when moving.
Different from mountain climbing shoes , these products are usually equipped with one or more inner lining. Usually these pads are usually made quite thickly because they work to provide the smoothness and create the most comfortable feeling when you use. In contrast to the outer material, this lining will not be too dependent on the terrain or climate, the temperature when you use it!
You should choose for yourself the shoes for hiking , climbing with adequate lining, should not be too thick or too thin. Most importantly, when you go, you will feel comfortable and create flexibility and smoothness. Especially this lining also reduces friction and swelling when having to move too much!
A small tip when you choose women’s climbing shoes is not to choose the thick lining because they will affect the aesthetics as well as when going to look will not look good at all!
You are planning for hiking or trekking, please refer to the best climbing shoes from famous brands to be able to accompany you on upcoming trips!

5. Design helps to protect feet and easier to move
For the first time to go hiking or trekking, choosing for yourself a pair of shoes with low-neck style, mezzanine or turtleneck is always a difficult question to answer. Each of these designs has different advantages and disadvantages, so to have the most objective view, in this article we will talk about the common characteristics of all 3 common designs!
+ High cut climbing shoes (High cut)
It can be said that this is a safe choice for those who do not have much experience and want the trip to take place in the safest way. These products are often designed with the high ankle collar to protect you from dirt and dirt. Not only that, they also work to reduce damage to the ankle, especially when you have to travel long distances.
However, high-necked climbing shoes also have a small disadvantage that they will reduce flexibility and sometimes will make you feel uncomfortable or mound. A quick tip is that before every trip you should take time to practice walking at home to get used to it!

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