Common types of clothing labels
* Woven label
Also known as woven fabric labels, embroidery marks, woven labels, clothing tags, woven labels, embroidered labels. Enterprises in the garment and fashion industry currently choose to print and weave clothing labels of this type to ensure aesthetics and save costs. This kind of clothing is often found on the back of the collar, hips, pockets, ribs, backs, fashion bags, shoes, etc.
To help users distinguish between one brand and another.
We will easily come across clothes labels with extremely high durability and longevity. Medium helps to cut costs of raw materials. Just increasing the beauty and professionalism on that clothing brand. Even beautiful clothes can help increase brand awareness, increase sales.
If we choose the right reputable supplier then tag our clothing, woven labels. Of course, you will never encounter color flying, itching, fraying only when sewing.
Mark clothes often use common sizes like. Size 1.5 * 5cm, 2 * 5cm or 3 * 5cm, depending on the content that uses the appropriate size
Nice dress has a design that blends content and background with contrasting light and dark.
Textile colors used for clothing labels are often not as diverse as print colors. As hard as mixing colors like printing a shirt.
Woven fabric labels, woven fabric labels, woven labels, clothing tags, really good clothes labels. As the end of the shirt is not itchy when exposed to the skin, the shirt color does not appear when washing, labels do not spay in the garment process.
Woven labels, woven labels, double leather, clothing labels, clothing labels, woven labels are the most common and common names when you come to label.
Nice dress, nice tag, not all establishments can do it, because nice dress makes extremely sophisticated and beautiful. From the content, the cutting line, the content distance and the edge, even when attached to the ribs, the collar requires careful stitching.
Consumers should consider choosing to print clothing labels, print clothing labels, clothing tag labels and weave clothing labels and woven labels. Because these two options offer two different final types that make a difference when sewing on the collar or rib tops.

* Tag, Mark printed clothes
In fact, the printing of clothing labels and clothing tags is the use of high-tech ink and printers. Then proceed to print on an existing fabric to make the finished product in accordance with the original design and content.
Printed labels and printed tags are heavily used in the apparel sector. Especially the ribs, the hips of the shirt print the information, price, laundry notes, notes .. v..v
Two basic types of clothing label printing

* Satin printing & cotton printing
Combining printing technology directly on materials such as ribbons and cotton fabrics
Printed labels are suitable for many objects such as clothes, fashion, household appliances, cosmetics or food, …
On printed labels, clothing tags and clothing labels contain necessary information of the clothing: brand name, date and place of origin, expiry date, characteristics and instructions for use. Tag, clothes can be sewed or ironed to attach to the collar, rib shirt, pants belt. The durability of printing clothing labels also depends on the quality of ink, cotton background quality, ribbon.

* Tag, hang tag
Hanging tags, also called hang tags, are usually made of paper printed with ink combined with printer technology after framing and on zinc to create the same design as the original design.
It is similar to the printed label but only differs in material.
If the label is printed on existing fabric, the hanging label is mainly paper material and printed directly on it.
The hang tag usually shows the brand name, logo, price and some accompanying details, depending on the needs of each customer.
We can customize the shape, size and size of hanging labels. Because hang tags are very diverse in color, style, design, …

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