Bedroom is the space of each person, this is the only place you can freely create your creativity and style to express your personal preferences. Therefore, decorating your bedroom with handmade items will help you assert your personality is your aesthetic.
There are many decorations to help you express your style but you should pay attention to find items that really suit you. You should pay attention to the art paintings hanging on the wall, the pillows, curtains … so that you can define your style, create them very unique to be able to save on replacement costs. . Today we will bring you 55+ ideas to decorate your bedroom with the most unique handmade items.

1. Create a simple set of photos on the wall
Creating a picture, a simple picture will not be too complicated. You can draw designs on the frame with simple textures such as stripes, polka dots … Then frame to create a simple yet luxurious picture.

2. Make a colorful reflective wind bell
It is possible to highlight any space from your bedroom, kitchen, office with such a colorful wind chime. You can take advantage of flexible items to make striking, friendly wind chimes. Hang them near the window to see all the beauty. And this is also a simple way of making bedroom decorations.
3. Use Washi tape to decorate the wall
Try making your room colorful with Washi tape. You can creatively create stripes or stripes on the wall to create a fresh space for your bedroom. This is the perfect suggestion for those who want to decorate the bedroom with handmade items.

4. Make candles in cups of tea
Burn candles into your favorite teacups. You can create many cups of candles with different styles such as classic, modern, simple … to fit the space you need to use.

5. Use interesting lights
Bring your room to life by adding interesting details with unique colors. For example, paint the candelabra with funny colors like blue, green, pink … Pair the candelabra with a patterned lamp to amplify the personality.

6. Decorate your bedroom with a colorful floor mattress
If your home has leftover fabrics, try putting them together to form a colorful floor mattress. You can use these cushions as a footrest, adding an interesting seat in the living room or bedroom.

7. Make creative photo frames with document clips
Document clip is a very close and easy to find material so you can use it as creative photo frames. You can hang lovely photos, graphic images, newspapers, magazines … that you love. This is considered the easiest way to decorate the bedroom’s wall with handmade furniture.

8. Making animals with clay
Try making your favorite clay animals. DIY handmade clay-like ornaments will easily show your personality and interests. Moreover, they are also an effective item to help you return to childhood.

9. Glass jars
If you are looking for a simple handmade bedroom decorating idea, this is the right choice. The recycled glass bottles can be used as a colorful vase to help the room revitalize.

10. Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher is a handmade item used very popular in living spaces, especially bedrooms. You can use them in tones that suit your taste and bedroom design.

11. Making creative wall hangings
Start decorating your bedroom with creative handmade items like unique wall hanging items. You should choose a wooden peg and then tie the different colored wires along the axis of symmetry. Thus finished a pretty interesting wall hanging item that is unique to the bedroom, living room or office.

12. Pom Pom wreath
If you are a lover of colors, pom pom garlands is the solution for you. Hang them on your favorite places like bookshelves, empty walls.

13. Hexagon shelf
The most popular way of making bedroom decor is to use rods to create shelves like hexagonal shelves. These shelves can be applied as a place to decorate, cactus pots ….

14. The painted ombre wall in scallop shape
This Ombre paint is recommended for any room. By creating the shape of shells combined with your favorite colors will produce a work completely natural and inspiring.

15. Lotus stone
The stone lotus trees are quite popular to decorate the living space. By lovely appearance, sufficient size, easy to take care of.
16. Artistic paint on wooden pallets
The wooden pallets painted with simple images are the idea of ​​decorating the small bedroom with unique handmade furniture.

17. Print the Canvas
Choose your family photos, your favorite photos to turn into a collection just your own.

18. The music sheet music
Frame your favorite music pieces for wall hanging. This is definitely a way to help you always see your favorite song can save money on bedroom decoration. Moreover, this is also a way to help those who enter the room can lighten their spirit with music.

19. Designing artistic wire
A pretty unique idea and easy to do. Fix the nails in the shape you want then thread the colorful strings the way you want.

20. Starburst mirror
Using Starburst mirrors with relentless creativity can create a professionally decorated handmade item.

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