The glass vase of living room decoration is always an endless source of passion for beauty enthusiasts. Not only adding beauty to the arrogant flowers, glass jars are also a great decoration for the house.
Advantages of glass vases decorated the living room
The obvious advantage of glass jars is that they are made of transparent material that allows light to pass through, making the living room look softer and more elegant.
And also because it is made from transparent materials, it is not difficult to decorate glass flower pots more impressively and nicely. You can fully take advantage of your creativity by adding color tools such as colored stones, pebbles, iridescent sand … Whether standing alone or when combined, surely the flowerpot. Tinh still retains the pure and gentle beauty that makes the living room space more attractive.

How to decorate glass vases to decorate the living room
Glass jars come in a variety of designs and sizes, but the most beautiful are tall and short cylindrical flower vases or small rectangles to attach a flower or a narrow neck cone. In order for the glass vase to decorate the living room can take full effect, you should also pay attention to the layout of the jar.
The first thing you should be concerned about is the background color. The background color here is the surface of the table on which you placed the glass jar or the wall color in front of you. If you intend to draw everyone’s attention to your decorative glass jar, choose a dark color. For cases where the background color is neutral and you want to create contrast, you should choose a decorative glass jar with bright colors.

For places where glass jars are placed in racks or shelves, consider the wall as the background color to choose the glass jars.
The second thing you must observe is the size and the surface of the jar, how to make the two of you balance and harmonize with each other. Usually, the size of the glass jar should be proportional to the width of the object on which it is placed. For example, a large table in the living room, you should place a large glass jar or choose many small jars. If the tea table is rectangular, you should decorate the same glass jars with diverse containers, which will make the living room space more eye-catching. In the decorative shelf cabinets will be more impressive if you place the glass jars according to improvisation with diverse sizes and colors.
One thing to note is that you should not place glass jars near small details and bright colors or too much classic decoration because it will cause a glitzy, uncomfortable effect.

Flowers in glass jars decorate the living room
Glass flower vases decorated the living room do not necessarily have to flower but can leave naturally, but in case you want more flowers to add freshness, you should prioritize the flowers arranged as petals stumbling block, wedge … to rebalance in terms of shape, help the vase reach the aesthetic balance, not too heavy or monotonous.
Hot colored flowers like pink, red, orange … will become more prominent than the light reflected on the glass jar, typically daisies, pinks, gladiolus …
Do not choose flowers with neutral or pale colors to plug into glass jars.

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