Not only brings aesthetic to the indoor space, indoor bonsai also has benefits to health and feng shui meaning for your home.
Great benefits of houseplants
Modern life, urban increasingly expanding, nature seems to be shrinking instead of skyscrapers. Living in polluted environment, modern industry makes people want to be closer to nature. Trees are an essential part of life, but trees in nature in urban areas are getting less and less. Therefore, nowadays indoor green plants or interior ornamental plants are very popular for placing in private houses or offices, public buildings …
Houseplants bring fresh space to you

Talking about the benefits that indoor plants bring, first to mention the aesthetics. Your indoor space will certainly be more beautiful and attractive by the highlight of a few indoor bonsai pots. The green of the trees also makes the colors in the house harmonious and balanced. The house looks fresh and more vibrant when there are indoor plants. If you are a nature lover, it will be more wonderful because you will feel truly alive, immersed in nature every day.
Trees are both beautiful and beneficial to human health
Beautiful is not enough, trees must be useful. The houseplants contribute significantly to the protection of human health. They can be considered as “air purifiers” because they have the effect of purifying indoor air, giving your space a fresh, fresh. The indoor environment seems to be away from the dust in the street but there are actually many toxic substances exist, emanating from the interior of the house such as benzene, ammonia, trichlorethylene … The ability to filter air from the toxic substances of Some plants absorb poison in the house up to 85%.
In addition, there are indoor plants or desktop plants that also absorb radiation from electronic devices, helping people limit the effects of rays that cause damage to the eyes, skin and skin. body in general.
In addition, when working or studying with eye strain and stress, relaxing by looking at indoor plants is also an effective method.
Another benefit is that indoor plants repel mosquitoes and insects that are harmful to human health. Some types of bonsai possess a gentle fragrance, helping the human mind to relax. But on the contrary, it is the killer for mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants or mice …

House plants according to feng shui also bring luck and fortune
As one of the factors that people choose indoor plants that is feng shui element. Depending on the type of tree will have different feng shui meanings such as health, love, fortune, prosperity …, the location is different and suitable for the age or destiny of the homeowner. However, feng shui home plants mostly have a good meaning, so you just need to choose your favorite plant and suit your age and destiny.
Some suggestions for names of common indoor house plants
Here are suggestions for you to choose the best indoor plants and extremely meaningful.
A popular plant grown indoors, ivy with its flexible, soft vines body will make your space beautiful in a harmonious and gentle way. The tree is usually grown in a hanging pot so that the branches hang or you can also let it climb freely onto walls, windows or railings. Trees also have the effect of absorbing harmful hormones, often in furniture, plastic.
Italian orchid
Lan Italy with fragile beauty, smooth with slender stems, glossy green leaves and white flowers. Plants work to absorb benzene gas and harmful radiation from electronic devices. So, lan is usually placed in the living room, office, meeting room, conference room.
Tiger tree
Already familiar with the list of houseplants, tiger’s tongue is just as its name suggests, it is powerful as a “guardian” of human health and respiratory system. Plants absorb a lot of CO2 during the day and “release” oxygen at night. So put it really is a bonsai plant grown in the home good for health. You will feel a light mind, easier to breathe if there is a tiger tongue in the house.
Cedar tree
Also known as Japanese cypress, cedar is grown in a small bonsai way for indoor display. In Japan, people consider this supposedly sacred plant. They believe that the souls of the dead and the gods are gathered in the tree. Cedar gives your space unique beauty. Moreover, it provides moisture, filters out dust and reduces the symptoms of headaches for people near it.

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