It sounds ridiculous, but it is extremely convincing to say that color affects quite a lot of mental health of each of us. A lover of life often prefers bright, prominent tones while introverted, quiet people tend to choose deep, gloomy tones.
Different tones affect different moods and moods, so when choosing furniture, we need to find out the nature of the palette we want to choose.

1. RED
Red is the color of fire and blood, symbolizing power, enthusiasm, love and energy. Red has the ability to stimulate heart rate, respiration and brainwave activity. Furniture, red items suitable for energetic young people, looking for challenges and life experiences.
We see many red furniture, decorations in the wedding room of newlyweds. This symbolizes the burning of love and romance.
However, if the density of red is too dense, it will cause inhibition, which will eventually lead to mental health instability , creating feelings of anger and hatred. This is a limited color tone when painting walls or furniture.

Yellow is the color of happiness, optimism and creativity. However, behind the positive meaning, yellow also shows selfishness, betrayal.
Yellow is the color of fun, but not a good choice to choose as the main color tone for the room as well as the interior. Many studies show that people often feel less calm when standing in front of yellow for a while, children cry more when standing in the yellow room.
Yellow is a suitable choice for a room for people with autism, psychological instability, and psychological health problems .
Blue is a symbol of hope, purity, toward good things, greatness. Blue helps stabilize blood pressure, heart rate, creating a sense of relaxation soft and comfortable. So blue is usually for the bathroom or the bedroom.
There is an interesting study that students exposed to blue before taking the test tend to achieve better results than other students. However, if the furniture or tone of color in the room is too blue, it will feel cold. Therefore, it is possible to decorate the room with a warm, warm tone.

White shows sophistication, calm and discreet. White is the symbol of purity and purity. White makes us feel clean, relaxed and peaceful, ensures mental health. White gives a bright color to the throne, so white is often used to decorate and create master tones. director for the house.

Black is the embodiment of power, mystery, masculinity, but somewhat negative dark. Contrary to the positive white, black brings a negative, gloomy feeling to the space.
Black when combined with white creates harmony, elegance and power. This is the team “tone sur tone” is very popular in interior design, high-class buildings.
Color affects a lot of people’s mental health , understanding the nature of each color and applying it appropriately not only gives you a beautiful space but also makes you feel comfortable when you return home. . Each person’s mood is always changing, so the relationship between color and personality will be an endless topic in the interior.

Jake Paul
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