What are trouser pants?
Trouser pants are long casual pants, this is a classic fashion product, but it creates a power and style for the wearer if he knows the right choice. Currently, trouser pants are designed to be diverse, suitable for many different environments and fashion styles.

Men’s trouser pants
Trouser pants are very much loved. Therefore, many different models were born. Let’s take a look at some of the following common types.

Corduroy Trouser
Corduroy Trouser is a long string of Corduroy men’s pants, precisely made from wool or cotton, twisted together into parallel lines on the surface of the fabric. Corduroy is durable, youthful form, but the color is quite classic so it can bring an old feeling to the wearer if you do not know how to coordinate properly. Ideally, you should choose Corduroy Trouser pants in black, beige, moss or navy to ensure your youth. With the tendency to relive the old styles, the Corduroy Trouser pants become one of the most popular products on the market today.

Wool Trousers
Wool Trousers are pants made from wool, this is also a product of the old style. Wool Trousers wear a classic blend of contemporary, bringing a strong, masculine fashion style for men. You can mix Wool Trousers with basic T-shirts, combined with sneaker shoes to create a youthful and dynamic style. If you want more elegant, attractive, you can combine Wool Trousers with blazer or peacoat.

Relaxed Legged Trousers
Relaxed Legged Trousers are comfortable, long form pants that bring a breeze to the wearer. The length of the Relaxed Legged Trousers is quite long, if you do not know how to coordinate, can bring a sloppy image for your style. Best with the Relaxed Legged Trousers, you should choose the length just touch the upper of the shoe and create folds on the pants, just fancy and neat.

Cropped Trousers
Cropped Trousers are bear-cut men’s pants, suitable for elegant urban men, but who want a comfortable style. The length of Cropped Trousers is exactly the same as touching the ankles or on the ankles 1 – 2 cm. Cropped Trousers can be combined with t-shirts, shirts, .. to go to work, go out, date are all very suitable. If you need to be professional, you should combine Cropped Trouser pants with a blazer, shirt and shoes. Going out and dating is much simpler, you can combine Cropped Trouser pants with shirts or t-shirts, bomber jackets and sneaker shoes to have a very cool style.

How to coordinate with trouser pants the most standard way?
You already know what trouser pants are, so do you know how nice to wear the trouser pants? People often think that men’s pants are only suitable for special occasions, but just know how to dress appropriately, you can wear everyday. To create a very personal style for yourself, you need to pay attention to a few things when mixing trouser pants as follows:

Light and dark
The first thing to notice when pairing with trouser pants is the light and dark rule. This means that if you wear a light-colored shirt, the pants must be dark and vice versa. Never choose clothes and pants of the same color, this will make your clothes become older.

If the contrast of colors does not satisfy you with your appearance, try creating accents with texture. Try coordinating shirts and pants with slippery colors or vice versa. Be careful not to choose head to toe motifs, because this pattern is only for people with personality, extremely confident and not afraid of the eyes of the people around.

Mix diverse styles
Instead of just mixing trouser pants with regular designs, try to create a novelty by mixing many different types of shirts and pants. Try to create your own style, to become a leader in fashion trends, to attract every gaze of people when walking down the street or working.

After following the sharing above, surely people already know what trouser pants are or how to combine trouser pants in a fashion, right? If you are a manly man, love the elegant style, you should not ignore the item. Wish you will own the most stylish and attractive fashion style.

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