Instead of having to search everywhere to find a good clothes rack, why not do it yourself? With your own DIY clothes racks you can design your own, saving space and money. House Ants will tell you two ways to make the most simple clothes rack. It will only take you about an hour to complete.
How to make wooden clothes racks
How to make wooden clothes racks is quite simple and compact. Depending on the purpose of use, you can make different high and low. If you want to hang a long coat or long coat, you can increase the height of the bars. When making a high price, you can take advantage of making more shoe compartments below, very convenient.

4 industrial round wooden rods about 2m long.
1 wooden ladder 1.5m long
4 suede straps

Step 1: Drill 4 large holes in 4 round wooden bars used as supports. The drill is about 50cm from the edge of the bar. Then drill 4 small holes at the other end of the bars and about 100cm from the tip of the rods.
Use sandpaper to smoothen the position of the drilled holes to create a gloss, to avoid the appearance of unevenness.
Step 2: Use 2 small bars to attach to 2 small drill holes in order to create a stable stand for clothes hanger. Next take a horizontal round wooden stick and install it into the 4 holes on the other end and cross each other. At this time, the clothes rack has formed and can stand.
Step 3: Use the previously prepared suede straps to tie, fasten, tighten the position of the horizontal bar with 4 pillars to increase the certainty of the clothes hanger. If you like, you can make more shoe compartments below. So you have just completed an extremely beautiful clothes rack already.

How to make clothes hangers with plastic pipes?
Making plastic clothes hangers is much simpler than wood. The durability is also extremely high and light, easy to move. Plastic clothes racks are also a solution for you to save the already narrow space in the room. You can easily find plastic pipes or take advantage of extra water pipes in the family to make clothes hangers.

2 round plastic tubes about 1.8m long
1 plastic tube is about 1.3m shorter
Couplings between plastic pipes
A wooden board for the shelf below the hook

Step 1: First, you cut the wooden panel as a shelf below beautifully, using sandpaper to polish to increase the aesthetic for the hanging. Drill 2 holes at both ends to insert plastic tube. You can then paint the color you want. The plastic drain gauge cut to size.
Step 2: Install the two hanging legs that are two long plastic pipes into the wooden pillars. Next, install a shorter plastic tube above. Use couplings to create a tight connection between the plastic pipes. So that friend has just designed a clothes rack by herself. It is possible to repaint the color of the mounting bracket to your liking or to suit the general space of the room.
Step 3: You can design more shelves below to make a place for shoes or clothes. Just make the two bars a little higher on the side.
How to hang clothes hangers is not as difficult as you think, isn’t it. What are you waiting for, don’t start working. Wish you will design lovely clothes hangers for your home.

Jake Paul
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