Building muscle at home is a very simple matter, and you don’t need any complicated gym equipment. All it takes is a little creativity and determination to train every day. That said, you can only gain a certain amount of muscle without the need for professional equipment, but if your goal is just having muscle, then practicing at home is more than enough.

1 – Do pushups to work your hands and chest. Anti-push is a quick way to practice at home.
Make sure to maintain the correct posture to get the most benefit. The spine should be aligned with the buttocks and should not sag. Place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, but you can extend them more to improve the efficiency of your chest muscles, and close them to increase the effectiveness of your arms. Also, do a combination of push ups or slopes to increase muscle growth.
Stopping upward is beneficial for different muscles. To do this, simply place your hands on a low table or chair so that your body leans up.
To push down the slope, you need to place your feet 30-60 cm higher than your hands, then push up normally. Remember to lift your head and keep your spine straight.
Each episode 8-12 lifting times. You can practice three times.

2 – Plant a banana tree against the wall to build shoulder and back muscles.
Not for the easy nausea, but this practice is great for many muscle groups.
To get into a banana pose, sit with your back to the wall. Place your hands on the ground and slowly “step” on the wall. From there, use your toes to keep your balance and slowly lower your head to the ground, then push back up to complete a beat. Try to practice thrice three times with 10 pushes each time.
If you feel scared, you can trick yourself with a tall table. Place your feet on the table with your thighs and body across the edge of the table, enough for you to place your hands on the ground. Then push up with the head bent towards the ground. It is often called a high butt push.

3 – Practice arms by pushing in the chair. You need a solid chair or table, about 30-60 cm high.
Place your hands on the chair behind you so that your butt is hovering in the air, knees bent 90 degrees. Place your feet firmly on the ground, lowering your buttocks until your arms are at approximately 90 degrees. Push back up. Repeat three sets of 15-20 exercises at a time.

4 – Practice plank.
Plank is a great way to train your entire core, and you can easily adapt to challenge yourself more. Enter the push up position. But instead of putting your palms on the ground, lean on your forearms. Squeeze your buttocks and straighten your spine – if done correctly, place a broom between your neck and buttocks. Hold this position for a minute, rest and repeat two more times.
Side plank is a practice when you turn your body to one side, leaning on a forearm and the outside of your foot. You also have to keep your spine straight by focusing on keeping your buttocks high.
Plank position to push up: Start in the plank with arms shoulder-width apart, feet hip-width apart. Lower down on your forearms, then lift to your original plank. Practice 12 beats each time.

5 – Do an ab exercises to develop your abdominal and central muscles. Stomach crunching is still one of the best ways to do ab exercises.
Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet close to the floor. Hold your neck with both hands and raise your shoulders about 15-20 cm from the floor, hold for a second, then slowly lower. Immediately turn it back on, staring straight at the sky and slowly, leisurely. Try to practice 3 times, 8-12 times at a time.
Fold tummy tummy: Lie on your back with your legs straight, raise your arms to the ceiling and perform a tummy tuck, keeping your legs straight. Lower your arms, try to touch your toes and then slowly lower yourself back to the floor.

6 – Use a bottle of about 4 liters, a heavy book or dumbbell to practice basic book movements.
The method of exercise for most parts of the body requires only little or no equipment, especially for the upper body of the exercise requires resistance to be effective. If you have weights.

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