To create a perfect pair of leather shoes, manufacturers need to minimize the participation of machines in the production process because even a slight impact of the machine is also very easy to damage the layer. Beautiful and fragile appearance of whole skin. Therefore, craft shoes are currently the most popular product model today. The price of handmade shoes at D’leder is always suitable and the cheapest on the market.
How to make handmade shoes?

This is also the reason D’leder selection line method CRAFT (Handmade) instead of automating production processes boots.
Accordingly, each pair of D’leder shoes will be dyed by hand and polished by master craftsmen. This process, although it takes more time, will create shoes with perfect quality, rich colors, creating the unique and artistic artisans who created it.
The most basic thing about this technique is that the upper, the insole and the outer sole are tightly connected by stitching together with only one piece of leather. Shoe stitches are usually made of hemp yarn, or silk yarns are braided and impregnated with wax that has antibacterial and tough properties. The wax is made of turpentine or resin, mixed with wax and oil.
With this method of creating a space between the sole, instead of using foam, sponge … as well as popular manufacturers, high-end shoe manufacturers also use corkwood chips with a light and medium texture. It is both smooth and insulated and most importantly makes the shoes “breathable.”

The new thing is that the thread will be sewn on the outer edge instead of inside the sole will prevent the shoes from getting easily absorbed.
The sole is made of genuine leather, which is the best because it is breathable, often creating an indented groove to protect the stitches, many companies often cut costs by not creating grooves and soles made of synthetic material.

Craft shoes with lots of novelty.
Combined with a number of factors such as thick leather, using shaped shoe lining, you will own the best shoes in the world, the difference here is just the hands and hearts of the craftsman’s shoes. never mind.
To perfect a handmade leather shoe and to create high-class, luxurious and elegant men’s shoes, showing the value of the wearer of shoes manufacturer must be a shoe lover, knowledgeable about types of shoes. shoes, all kinds of leather, shoe making technologies and the most dedicated craftsmen.

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