One way to refresh your wardrobe with unique wooden clothes rack designs to help open your room.
Clothes hangers are seen as options of modern life. Because of its usability, compact design, especially when space is always a problem.
All types of clothes racks are compact, simple, space-saving design, extremely suitable for modern living space.
– 4 wooden timbers, round shape, about 1.8m long, about 3.5cm cross section
– 1 wooden stick (round shape), 1.2m long, about 2.2cm cross-section, uniform color with long wooden stick
– 2 suede straps with size of 0.3x60cm, 2 other leather belts of the same material, with dimensions of 0.3x127cm
– Hand drill, drill type 2.2cm and 0.4cm
– Pens, ruler, original glue and armor paper

Steps to make clothes hangers at home:

Step 1:
Drill in each long hole with a big drill. The position of the hole is 40 cm from the top of the stick. You need to make sure the location of these holes is correct so the pylons can stand firmly when finished.

Step 2:
Smooth the wood around the hole drilled with armor paper.

Step 3:
Drill 4 small holes in 4 wooden bars. Each hole is about 20.3cm from the other end of the bar. This drill line must be parallel to the big drill bit at each end.

Step 4:
Always cut leather straps through small holes to make long wooden sticks in pairs. Note that the middle piece of the wire in the middle of each pair must be equal.

Step 5:
Pass the rest of the wooden slats through the large holes to form a span and form two triangles on each side of the mounting plate. The protruding section of the ridge is about 4cm long.

Step 6:
Tie long leather straps to fix the intersection of the slats. You can use wood glue instead of leather strap or use a combination of the 2 above materials to make the wood more solid.
With this wooden clothes rack, you can combine hanging plants, shoes, hats, bags.

Jake Paul
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