Conquering the high peaks, standing on it screaming and showing your efforts are fully rewarded is what everyone wants – especially for those who want to assert themselves. Therefore, the climbing experience is hunted by people as it is to find the true value of themselves.
If you are still hesitant, worried .. even bewildered about the effect of climbing, how you should refer to this article to have more motivation for yourself and decide to make it. more quickly

Improve health
Certainly, your health will improve significantly when climbing, so do not hesitate to participate in this meaningful sport activity.
Naturally, you are already familiar with going to work 8h / 1 day but surely you have to move up to 1h / 1 day; That’s not to mention that you still eat loads of unhealthy foods into the body, leading to obesity being prepared to join your body.
Do you work hard every week and every month, like enrolling in yoga, gym or swimming classes? If so, please join the mountain climbing sport at least once a year.
When climbing, you will feel your body have the current health like? You are really healthy, good endurance or the body has been too sick, tired, the body organs have voiced protests about your laziness for a long time but you kept deliberately forgetting them .
Remember ! This climbing is not suitable for people with low blood pressure and those who live with a princess and young lady; Therefore, the benefit of climbing is in regaining health and finding out who you really are.

Find your true self
Maybe outside your life you are a well-mannered person, doing things in a programmed manner and not wanting everything to be against the rules; or you fear that if you express the true nature of who you are you will lose your image – what you’ve been trying to create for so many years.
Do not worry, participating in climbing the “innocent” level of the team will let you understand that there are places where you can live true to your own person without fear of being laughed at; be at ease, be free to scream and do other crazy things (of course under control) and live like a true bushwalker.

Understand the value of team-work
Have you ever worked as a team-work or still working alone, regardless of the team .. but when participating in climbing, you must follow the strict rules of the team leader to make the trip a success. The most public and safe.
The rules for climbing are extremely strict, because all of them are for your own use such as moving on the right path, not voluntarily walking in front of the group because avoiding the dangers that can occur, such as encountering strange objects, dead paths or dense bushes tossing at you.
Traveling in a group you will understand how high the teamwork is, without having to worry about being left in the middle of a vast hill because surely there will be at least 1 person with experienced experience. In order to climb close to you, that person, called the latch, will determine that everyone is safe because they are the last of the team.
Even when stopping for a break, everyone takes a sip of drinking water or someone who is too tired will be supported by the support members to carry things as needed. When camping overnight, you will live in the warm atmosphere of your teammates when people divide themselves to have meals for the earliest.
All the great things about collective work will be revealed throughout the trekking journey and you’ll find a completely different place to work in the workplace; maybe when you come back to the 4-wall office you will have lots of interesting suggestions for your team.

Enjoy the whole nature
The fresh, green nature and the rich vegetation in the forest are all seen in your sight; sometimes you are lucky to see the clouds floating if the weather is harmonious for the whole group.
Already used to high-rise buildings stacked to the point of suffocation; the dust, the horn and the sound of the speaker make a noise that makes me feel really sore, but coming back to the green forest everything is completely different.
In this place, you will be able to see all the interesting things that nature brings such as the endless green forests, squirrels, monkeys and wild birds … especially the birds singing everywhere. place.
It is interesting to immerse yourself in the wild nature to feel the fresh air and be healthy, you will only want to take a deep breath of the faint smell of forest trees to fill your chest.

Jake Paul
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