The cold weather of winter, the cool and peaceful of the coming spring, will be the ideal conditions to help you bring the vibrant beauty, the beauty of flowers, bring the breath and vitality of nature into the nest. Warm with wool thanks to your skillful hand.
Have you ever thought, the leftover wool still lying dormant in the cupboard, will promote a slightly different effect than usual, that is weaving every corner, to become a highlight, or simply is a lovely, gentle touch for living space. And of course, the idea of ​​beautifying a home with crochet flowers from wool will be a lot easier if you are someone who knows how to knit wool, or are interested in learning wool hook when looking at lovely ideas in the article.

1. Beautify the headboard wall
Bedroom but not just for the rest, this is the room of countless important functions, such as leverage to add a work station , a reading corner or just a place for you a private space when you want to be alone. Therefore, there is no reason to refuse to beautify this important room. And the number one appropriate location when you intend to decorate it is the headboard wall.
Take advantage of the countless rolls of excess wool to hook into flowers of different sizes and colors. To make the flowers more vivid, you can attach more colorful buttons to make the pistil. Use a glue gun or a simple candle glue, to attach flowers to the prepared frame. The procedure and method are simple, but will bring joy and lovely beauty to your bedroom.

2. Create lovely festoon
Crochet wool into lovely flowers, so that they adorn the lovely little corners of the house . In any space, the appearance of tiny, lovely flowers will bring joy and attract everyone’s attention when entering the room. Do not form a flower garden in the room, you can use the “fruits” of your labor throughout the night of the weekend, the beautiful little flowers to attach them to the wool rope, forming a beautiful flower strip. Attach a string of flowers on the wall or on the window frame, on the back of the dining chair … Just a few simple decoration steps, you will surely be extremely satisfied with the gentle beauty, the momentum of the wool flowers bring.

3. Create vivid chandeliers
Still the colorful and size wool flowers, you can attach each flower to the hard steel bicycle spokes with equal size. Then attach these “flowers” around the frame of the lamp. Hanging this 1-0-2 chandelier on your baby’s room as a gift from you will help your little angel to love your own private world more.

4. Make curtain laces
Create curtain ties by hooking wool into beautiful little flowers. Soft wool bands, with colorful and sized wool flowers, will become an eye-catching, cute accent for your curtains. Before knitting wool flowers, you should choose the colors youthful, striking compared to the color of the curtains.

5. Vase of wool flower
Place vases with flowers made from wool on your desk, dining table or tea table, which will surely attract all eyes. In particular, wool will help the flowers that you work hard to create will bring lovely beauty and warm breath, gentle for the space. This unique idea is also easy to implement, but has a great appeal to any space where they appear. Therefore, create a beautiful and beautiful wool flower vase, and freely move to the places you want, to increase inspiration and joy for everyone.

6. Beautiful hooked wool flower lampshade
Lampshade with cloth or other common materials, can make the space quite dim. Do it differently, so that the house is not only more beautiful, but also more charming thanks to your skillful hands. Still sitting in the choice of wool colors, meticulously hook each flower your way. Next, use candle glue to attach colorful flowers to the available lampshades. To add a lovely shade, you can hang the flowers around the lampshade. Certainly the small corner where you put the lampshade will attract the special attention of everyone, thanks to the strange beauty of crocheted flowers.

7. Crocheted wool decorative hanging cradle
Sit meticulously to hook each flower with wool, and use wool or thread the newly made flowers. Attach a cradle hanging near the baby. This special crib hanging toy not only brings colorful beauty to your baby’s room, but also expresses your love and special care for little angels, from objects. smallest.

8. Crocheted wool flowers make lovely cups
Create flowers made of wool, make cup holders, make cute cups. Coasters with many different colors, is a way to bring fresh beauty and a sense of excitement for everyone to eat daily.

9. Crocheted wool makes lovely curtain
Crochet wool flowers with equal or different sizes depending on your decoration intentions. Please hook lots of wool, to attach them to a curtain for a cute and lovely little window frame.

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