With modern life, there is a growing shortage of trees – nature is shrinking. The roads were cramped, without trees, skyscrapers sprung up. More and more vehicles, dust increases exponentially. Living in polluted environment, industrialization and modernization makes people want to be closer to nature. In today’s interior designs, many families tend to design more green spaces. Such as the design of skylights, sunlight and natural air. Or, many houses take advantage of growing more indoor plants , on the terrace, on the balcony … So, what are the benefits of growing indoor plants? Let’s try to find out, okay?

1. Indoor bonsai brings high aesthetic
Growing a house in your home, first of all the aesthetics it brings to your home. Having more trees, indoor flower pots will make the home space more beautiful. It forms more striking and attractive green accents.
The green of trees will help the overall color of the house and room become harmonious and balanced. In the home, there is also a fresh, fresher and more vibrant space. In particular, for nature lovers, having trees helps them immerse in nature every day.

2. Indoor plants help to filter the air better
Some furniture or some materials in the house still exist many different toxic substances. Typically, there will be benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, even some heavy metals. In the long run, these toxic elements are very harmful and affect your health. Even, they exist for longer lasting cause other dangerous diseases such as cancer …
There are more trees, like more natural air cleaners, because they purify the air. There are even some ornamental plants that can attract up to 85% of harmful indoor air. For example, betel nut, tiger tongue, and lan lan can help purify and reduce toxins in the air. Planting indoors also works to kill pests or mosquitoes. There are several types of indoor plants that have a mild fragrance, which helps the human mind to relax. But that scent is the enemy of mosquitoes, ants, even mice …

3. Indoor plants help us live healthier
There are more trees in the house, contributing significantly to protecting the health of everyone in the house. Looking at plants can also help us relax. Especially after the times you work tired, eye strain, stress. Not only that, trees also contribute to the increase in indoor air humidity. Humidity will increase, substances such as dust or pollen will be significantly reduced. It helps us avoid allergens.
The more modern life is, the more we are exposed to blue light from computers and phones. Therefore, planting plants indoors or simply using aquatic plants on the table is quite good. They have the effect of absorbing radiation rays emitted from electronic devices. From there, it will help you limit the negative effects on your eyes, skin, body. There are also many studies suggesting that air phytoncides are released from plants. It helps boost the immune system for humans, making us healthier.

4. Indoor plants help you be happy and work more effectively
If you spend a lot of time tending indoor plants, it can help you form a fairly elegant hobby. Taking care of plants helps you relax, reduce heart rate and blood pressure. From there, will help you minimize mental fatigue, excitement, more fun. The green color helps you relieve stress for nerves, reduces fatigue for eyesight. Blue also creates a state of relaxation, relief and comfort, cooler than other colors.
Besides, green trees also help us improve the ability to focus. It contributes to improving memory, helping to increase productivity more. Therefore, in many office buildings, trees are often arranged to harmonize the space. You can grow indoor plants in any location. Thus, will help you more love life, have more inspiration.

5. Indoor plants help attract fortune, good luck
In addition to beautifying your home, bonsai also has a great meaning in terms of feng shui. Oriental people often use decorative trees and also increase the prosperity of the family. Therefore, although growing indoor plants, you should still choose the location of the tree. At the same time, choose what kind of tree is both beautiful and feng shui suitable for your home

Jake Paul
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