Try answering the questions below to choose the best camera for your trip.
How much do you want to spend?
Your budget for camera purchases is a prerequisite. You have no reason to dream of a “genuine” camera if only a few million.
First, remember that besides buying a camera body, you also have to spend money on accessories, such as memory cards, pouches, extra batteries, filters and even stands and lenses.

Next, think about the risks you may face along the way, such as loss or loss. You need to consider how much you feel most comfortable and safe when carrying an item.
If you buy travel insurance, be sure to check out the property compensation clause. Most insurance only reimburses a portion of the property or has a very specific limit.
For less than 8 million VND , buy point and shoot cameras (also called compact cameras, travel cameras) – models equipped with a fixed lens in front of the camera, with a shutter speed shutter and aperture, or spend this money to upgrade your phone for photography.
If you have between VND 8 and 16 million , you can buy a mirrorless camera (mirrorless camera) – a subsidiary of ILC (Interchangeable Lens Cameras – camera that can change lenses) but Do not use mirror mechanism.

The photographer will observe by looking at the electronic screen instead of looking at the lens as on DSLR (short for Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera, or digital single-lens reflex camera). In addition, you can also use this money to buy simple and low-functional DSLR models.
If you have more than 16 million , you can afford to buy professional-type DSLRs with many shooting functions.
However, buy only when you really need intensive compositions such as night shots, active shots or very long-term use, for many purposes other than travel. Remaining, you do not need to spend more than 16 million just to buy a travel device merely.

How much weight do you want to carry?
Camera accessories can be as small as a few bags to complete, especially for compact phones or phones. You can also choose a mirrorless camera, which is light but still allows you to change lenses.
However, for professionals, those who really want to take quality photos may have to carry a 9-kg kit.
The most important thing here is to invest only in a camera that you are really ready to take with you.
Be honest with yourself. Don’t spend a lot of money buying and then leaving tools in the hotel room because they’re too heavy.
How much effort are devoted to learning how to use the camera?
A “genuine” DSLR or mirrorless camera allows you to take beautiful pictures. However, if you do not know how to use and only shoot in automatic mode, you would rather shoot with your phone is less expensive.
Those who take the time to tinker with the details of how to use a camera need to have enough passion and patience – not only to learn but also to practice each feature, not to mention learning composition. and how to take pictures.

How many types of camera are there?
There are all six major types of cameras. Below are the types of machines that can be sorted by weight and difficulty level – from simple to complex.
Phone: Referring to the convenience, compact and fast, the phone is always at the top. A smartphone today has all the basic photography functions, even for photo editing, allowing quick sharing on social networks without connecting to a computer.
However, this machine can not take close-ups or shoot in low light conditions.
Point and shoot camera: If you want a specialized camera but still neat, choose a compact camera with high optical zoom index and many different shooting modes. However, this machine also does not work well in limited light conditions.

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