Just exalted an aristocratic and trendy look, you will stand out on the street by mixing items with boots below.

High boots with shorts
Do not be afraid of cold but skip this set of “hiccup game”. Shorts will help show off your feet, while high boots will keep your feet warm. Not only that, turtleneck boots also enhance your physique and confidence, personality. Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of wearing this fashion. You can wear a coat longer than the pants, or you can mix with a short coat.
Combined with a wide sweater long style wearing style “hide pants” will help the girls look a few inches taller and “lengthen” their legs.
A simple but extremely fashionable combination, the bold boots combined with white sweater and shorts create a striking contrast to the look.
In addition to black boots, brown boots are also easy to mix, the simplest is to mix with brown, nude or light beige items.
In addition, you can combine a trench coat or a long stomach to be warmer in the cold windy days.

High boots + jeans
This is a mix of knee-high boots with the most popular outfits, but not so that it becomes outdated or unpopular. High boots hugging the slender legs of the girls will make sense for the longer legs. In the chilly weather, you just need to wear a jacket or simply choose a thick sweater to be warm enough.

High boots + blazer
When coming to work, boots with a blazer are hard to ignore choices for her. This combination brings elegance, professionalism and power.

High boots + short skirt legs
To create a highlight for the overall, you can use some other accessories such as belts, bucket hats. Subtle combination is extremely necessary to exude your personality
Noble, powerful, trendy, luxurious … it’s a pity to miss out on this incredibly clever way of mixing items. Try your F5 style by mixing with your pants.

High boots + short skirt legs
The form of short skirt legs, also known as mini skirt legs, have a length above the knee or thigh. This length is very suitable when you mix with boots as high as your knee. This is also how to mix clothes that many fashionistas apply today. With this recipe, you just need to choose a hug or oversized sweater to have a warm, polite fashion set.
An easy way to coordinate is to bring yourself the same color boots with the short skirt you want to wear. A lighter shirt on the top helps you add highlights and overall look still harmonious.

You can put on an outer shirt to embellish, complete the set of clothes. The outer shirt is synchronized with bright short skirt; the shirt inside is synchronized with black boots, just imagine it looks good but not noble.
The way she mixes her clothes is worth studying, especially for office ladies, taking advantage of when it’s not too cold, you can absolutely choose for yourself a blouse + short skirt legs + knee-high boots .

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