The advent of smart phones, also known as smartphones has changed a lot of people’s lives. It’s been more than a dozen years since smartphones have been in Vietnam, but do Vietnamese people, especially the young ones, really use them in a smart way? Have they ever thought about the implications of using smartphones and social networks?

n today’s smartphone age, it is not difficult to see the image of young people groping on smartphones, from going to school, going to work, shopping, eating, sleeping, even waiting for the red light. , wait for the bus or walk across the street.
According to the statistics “Vietnam Mobile Market Overview Report 2017” by Appota Company: Vietnam is in the top 20 countries with the highest Internet users in the world with 49 million people connected to the Internet. The number of people using the phone to access the Internet in Vietnam, especially between the ages of 18 and 34, accounts for a much higher rate than people using computers and other devices. Statistics also show that people using the Internet by phone in Vietnam mainly spend time on social networks (59%), watching videos (54%), listening to music (43%), playing games (28) %). Meanwhile, other activities such as checking email, shopping, searching product information … account for a relatively low rate.

Have you ever wondered after returning home from work? Did you spend time talking with your parents, taking care of your children or going to the kitchen to cook a delicious meal for your family? Or when you go home, do you often close your room to have fun with your “private world” on smartphones? To answer this question, did you find yourself being heartless to your family members? Instead of paying attention to the blood, you gag on your smartphone to “chat” with people you don’t know or find entertainment in some games installed on the software application. Obviously, smartphones and social networks have pushed the distance between you and your loved ones. Meanwhile you spend too much time to “live” with the “virtual world”. Many young couples today,
It’s the parents’ habit of misusing smartphones that has affected their children. Many families, parents give their children access to Smart phones very early. Outside of school hours, they can play games, watch action movies or “superman” videos for hours without getting bored.
Ms. Pham Thi Trang in Cua Nam Ward, Nam Dinh City shared: “My husband and I have a son who is 4 years old but he is very lazy to eat. Outside of class time when returning home, every meal, parents have to use smartphones on YouTube to open Spider-Man superhero videos for their children to eat before they can eat ”. Giving children too much access to a smart phone is obviously not good for their health when the baby’s brain is not fully developed and many other consequences …
Surely one thing, we cannot turn away from the development trend of technology like using smartphones and the Internet for their convenience. But how to use your smartphone to become a smart user is something to discuss.

We should not overdo smartphones, we should use them when necessary for work or exchange information with someone. Please pay attention to your family members as much as possible …

Jake Paul
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