1. Yogurt
    Eating yogurt every day both increases the body’s resistance and helps skin to be effective. Naturally fermented, yogurt contains vitamins C, B, lactic acid … suitable for the needs of skin beauty such as blemishes, reduced facial wrinkles , whitening, tightening pores effectively.
  2. Aloe
    Aloe is widely used from the kitchenette to the corner of women’s cosmetic table. Aloe vera mask contains a natural gel that keeps the skin smooth and supple, suitable for soothing the skin after sun exposure. In addition, aloe also contains just enough pH to firm skin, smooth skin, improve dry areas of aging.
  3. Chicken eggs
    Familiar with a variety of dishes made from chicken eggs, but the girls know that chicken eggs also improve dull, oily skin. Separate the whites and yolks separately, beat the whites and mix with oatmeal to form a mask. Facial beauty with this method regularly will help remove excess oil on the face, smooth skin.
  4. Rice bran
    Japanese women are the leaders in natural skin beauty , and they know that rice bran powder with more than 70 antioxidants and nutrients is a very effective skin care assistant at home.
  5. Fresh lemongrass
    Recently, lemongrass has “encroached” to the cosmetic market, burnt lemongrass face to help women eliminate countless bad symptoms of the skin. Lemongrass extract can reduce dark spots on the skin, eliminate toxins, make the skin brighter.
  6. Green tea
    Along with rice bran, green tea has been applied in the natural beauty guidelines of Japanese women. With 20 times more antioxidants than vitamin E, along with a series of vitamins A, B, C … necessary to nourish and regenerate healthy, supple skin.
  7. Fresh lemon
    The abundant vitamin C content in lemons is a factor that helps to balance skin color, remove melanin that causes dull skin . Just squeeze lemon and absorbent cotton and apply gently to face, 15 minutes then rinse with clean water.
  8. Papaya
    Papaya mask contains many nutrients, antioxidants. Enzyme papain – enhances the elimination of dead skin cells, nourishes and helps skin whitening after repeated masking.
  9. Cucumber
    How to make a simple natural skin from cucumber: thinly slice cucumber into slices, apply on face for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Because of the great use of cucumber, many cosmetic brands use the essence of cucumber to make cleanser, lotion, mask.
  10. Bananas
    Choose ripe bananas, peel off the skin, put in a smooth grinding cup (can be mixed with fresh milk) to have a mask mixture. Apply a banana mask for about 20 minutes then wash it off with bright, smooth white skin.
  11. Honey
    As a source of natural antibiotics are good for health, honey is very useful for your “beauty” of natural beauty. In particular, with acne skin, honey helps kill bacteria in the acne, nourishes dry skin cells , making the skin smoother.
  12. Fresh turmeric
    The beauty of turmeric skin has been infused by grandparents for a long time because the essence of turmeric helps white skin smooth and does not cause skin irritation. Should combine fresh turmeric with fresh milk and honey to improve the condition of dull skin, acne skin, rough.
  13. Potatoes and fresh milk
    Potatoes contain vitamins E, C and are a good source of Beta carotene and antioxidants that help regenerate the skin, improve whiter skin, protect against sun damage and minimize damage caused by sunlight (UV rays). ).
  14. Olive Oil
    Olive is suitable for moisturizing the skin. Olive oil can be applied for about 20 minutes or overnight depending on skin condition.
  15. Avocado fruit
    Avocado masks are for sensitive skin, dry skin and are suitable for moisturizing all skin types. Puree the butter (you can add fresh milk without sugar or yogurt) to make the mask.
  16. bitter melon
    In modern medicine, bitter melon has been studied by scientists containing many minerals that are good for the body. Most foods, drinks and natural beauty from bitter melon have positive benefits for the skin.
    How to do: wash bitter melon and put in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Then, slice it thinly and apply on face, then gently enjoy the fresh feeling from the mask.
  17. Tomatoes
    The skin gradually becomes ruddy, bright and smooth thanks to a tomato mask that is both simple and economical, but effective. The simplest is to slice tomatoes and apply on the face to help skin white pink. Alternatively, you can squeeze tomatoes, add a few drops of lemon juice, and apply this mixture on the face, the result is white skin, pores shrink.
  18. Mint leaves
    Quite surprising because in addition to being used for health, peppermint is also present in the secret of beauty skin such as reducing acne, whitening, wrinkling … Very simple, just a handful of mint leaves pureed, Apply on face after 20 minutes rinse with clean water, you will feel your skin smoother.
  19. Fresh milk
    After washing your face, use a cotton ball to apply fresh milk to your face. Massage gently for about 15 minutes then rinse with water.
  20. Skin is nicer thanks to getting enough sleep
    The most simple and natural way to beautify your face is to get enough sleep as a panacea maintains beauty. After a long day of tiredness, getting enough sleep will help the body recover and purify the body. Thanks to that, the skin is also full of vitality, more rosy.

Besides ways to beautify skin from the outside by taking advantage of natural resources, women should pay attention to the structure of the skin. A healthy base structure is a prerequisite for maintaining age-old beauty.

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