To day we will sent to you the Top 10 the hottest sneaker shoes for both men and women in 2019, cheap from only 399k. Quickly ordering right in the season of shocking discounts up to 30% / pair.

1. Adidas Falcon

– Launched as Adidas’ darling, Adidas Falcon does not disappoint its fans due to its looks and soul.
– The style of street shoes is very suitable with the style of wind and dust, like the wind and rain, and adventurous to reveal personality

2.Adidas Superstar (1969)

– The upper skin quality, soft and smooth without wrinkles or wrinkles when used. The cool – as design and the impressive clamshell top end give a sense of youthful dynamism and is extremely easy to match for both men and women. 3 distinctive stripes with Adiadas prominent logo bring elegance and nobility.

3. Balenciaga Trip S

– Reaching the top 3 of our shoes will be Balenciaga shoes named Balenciaga Trip S. Massive design with 3 sole layers, the shoes own a weight of nearly 2 kg. Bringing yourself a massive picture of this pair of shoes will be more suitable for street walks, light play, but can not participate in sports sessions. The biggest advantage that Balenciaga Trip S brings is the height and prominence for cool guys or mischievous girls.

4. Puma Creeper

– Black and white coordination is always a simple combination but brings the most striking outfit. Therefore, the Puma Creeper pair could not escape the eyes of shoe fans around the world.
– Increasing height by 3.5 cm but not as pitiful as the Balenciaga Trip S pairs, so the educated men and the dirt girls want to collect for themselves the Puma Creeper pairs.

5. Nike M2k Tekno

– Earlier this year, older mom Nike has released the M2k Tekno model for men so this will be one of the shoes suitable for shoes with personality.
– Outstanding design, personality with sporty style and sharp color scheme make the shoes become the focus in 2019.

6.McQueen Alexander

– Can’t stop being hot with these Mcqueen pairs. Gentle colors, easy to coordinate, but also suitable for both men and women without face. Perhaps this shoe has no unique design but it will make you 3cm taller so you won’t have to be too proud of your height.
– To say the shoes, the shoes will probably be standing with the giants on the upper tunnel due to the design suitable for both men and women. Simple easy to coordinate, easy to run. And especially the most affordable compared to the rest.

8. Prophere Adidas

– Actually, this model is still an unrelenting rain in the Vietnamese shoe market because up to now it has been very sought and sought. There are people who go wrong and want to buy another pair of prophere, not another pair because Adidas designers know how to pamper their feet. The lining material makes the legs feel firm but comfortable, making users move flexibly or comfortably in all sitting positions.

9.Yeezy 350 V2

– Having just debuted not long but has won a lot of love from the public is the Yeezy 350 V2 pair. You wonder if this unique design is suitable for you? I would like to answer that: this shoe model is produced with the criteria of becoming a national shoe. The sole of the shoe is soft and elastic when running and jumping, the slender curved shape is very personality. Moreover, with a high neck design, the feeling of your feet is very sure to bring adventure for adventurers.

10. Adidas Ultra Boost

– Just talking about the Untral Boost line, it is hard to describe with the crooked tip of the shoe that makes each step of your step more solid without being rushed forward. The soft, breathable fabric fits the feet tightly but is very airy. The heel part of the heel is scratched when moving. Soft, non-rough shoe soles make the shoe very light overall.

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