Most of us today own a smartphone or a music player to be able to enjoy relaxing moments with music. For the best sound quality, headphones are indispensable . On the market today there are many types of headphones, many sizes, different features to fit many people and many uses. The following article will not introduce you to the types of headphones, but will guide you how to wear the best headphones to help you both enjoy great music and still ensure safety for ear.
Currently, most of us have two common ways to wear headphones, one is to put the headset directly into the ear and two and the ring over the ear, which of these two ways do you usually apply?

  1. Put the headset directly into the ear
    This is the most common way for most people to use headphones, this way of wearing is not too picky and difficult, we just take the headset and tuck it directly into your ear, the string will point straight down the neck. Disadvantages of this way of wearing often make us uncomfortable because the headphone cord entangled in the neck. And this way of wearing often causes our ears to hurt, which eventually causes discomfort. And this wear is said to be inaccurate and scientific.
  2. Put a headset around your ear
    This is the way worn by technology experts and manufacturers as the best way to wear it and should be worn this way. This way you just put the earphones in the ear, loop the wire over the ear rim and back. But this way is rarely used.
    This will help keep the headset firmly in place and you don’t have to worry about your ear being dropped. At the same time, you can also completely comfortable hand movements without fear of getting caught in the headphone cord in the neck.
    When you wear the headset properly, the sound transmitted from the headset to the ear will be clearer, the sound will not be emitted, allowing you to enjoy the music with the best sound quality.
    However, to protect our health as well as our hearing, we should not use headphones for too long during the day, you should only use them for more than 2 hours.
    Besides wearing headphones properly, choosing the right size headphones is also very important. So, choose the type of ear that suits you, do not choose the type that is too large because it will cause ear pain, nor the type that is too small because it will leak sound out.
  3. How to clean the headset
    A headset can contain a lot of dirt, sweat after using for a long time. More worrisome is that many people use the same headset, so increasing the amount of bacteria attached to the headset is easy to produce ear or skin diseases. To keep the earphones clean, clean your headphones often by using a small amount of detergent, such as soap mixed with hot water, and then use a soft, soaked, damp cloth to dip into the mixture and wipe gently. on the headset. For headphones that use removable silicone earplugs, you should completely remove and use a toothbrush to clean. To go deeper into the pad, wipe it off with alcohol swab.
    Use headphones as well as regularly clean to get a clean headset to create the most comfortable feeling to use. However, the headset is still an electronic device, so try to clean it from parts related to the microchip that come into contact with liquid.
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