Let’s travel with Fiditour to find out “motivation” for the nearest beach trip!
1. Stress relief: Health experts say that taking time to soak in sea water can help us relieve stress. The hormone serotonin secreted will make you feel secure and relieved when you sit at the beach.
2. Enhance Vitamin D: The sun is an excellent source of vitamin D. Natural sunlight helps to reduce depression by increasing the hormone serotonin. In addition, it also helps regulate human emotional index, boost the immune system and good for the development of bones, skin …
3. Skin treatment: Sea brine helps to detoxify the skin and kill bacteria, has the effect of treating skin diseases such as scabies, itching … very well. Sea sand particles help exfoliate. Salt water contains anti-bacterial properties and heals infections quickly.
4. Anti-rhinitis, sinus:
Deep sea salt water is considered an effective anti-allergy and prevention of asthma. Studies have proven that sea salt solution is very effective in treating rhinitis and sinusitis. Sprays with sea salt ingredients are better at reducing symptoms than saline concoctions, even better than those containing steroids, because the drugs can have certain side effects and can lead to secretion. slime.
5. Sleep better: This is one of the health benefits of going to the beach. Because it can help you reduce stress and fatigue, you tend to sleep better after you go home.
6. Burn calories: It takes you more effort to run on the beach than when running on any other terrain by subsidence of sand. So this will help you burn more calories and have a healthy body.
Don’t forget to prepare hats, coats, … and apply sunscreen before going to the beach to protect your skin. Besides, play in the sea for 30 minutes and then go ashore to rest, recharge your body!

Jake Paul
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