In addition to handbags, the 2020 women’s backpacks also made many women fascinated this year. The models of compact backpacks (mini), backpacks, or backpacks with minimalist style, backpacks with bright colors promises to be in the fashion village next time. Let’s take a look at Juno!

Sample mini female backpack

If in the past years the large size accessories, oversize designs are popular, then in 2020 these small female backpacks will be crowned. The size of these backpacks is quite small, just the size of a small bag so you can easily carry it. Despite its small size, this female backpack still ensures you carry the necessary items: wallets, personal papers, books …
Mini women’s backpack is very suitable for girls with strong, athletic and active styles. Girls who love femininity can also combine this backpack with light clothes when walking down the street. On the market today this backpack is also very diverse in size, material as well as style so you can freely choose.
Backpacks women wear dynamic cross
As true fashion followers, you can’t help but have a diagonal backpack in a closet. Compared to mini women’s backpacks, cross-strap backpack is popular with both men and women because it is very convenient and suitable for walking around. This backpack brings you youthful beauty and personality, very suitable for jeans, T-shirts …

Minimalist female backpack is popular

Gone are the era of elaborate designer backpacks, many of the drawers that locked this year’s trend are compact, minimalist designs. These backpacks mostly have 1 main compartment and 1 extra compartment, smooth motifs. It is this minimalism that brings high aesthetic efficiency, completes the set, bringing out the highlights without being too picky. There are many colors for you to choose: brown red, black, …

Backpacks for women have bright colors

This year , brightly colored female backpacks are expected to become a hot trend, an item that any girl wants to own. Besides the deep, neutral colors such as brown, black … bring personality beauty, the female backpacks with bright colors: peach, orange … are popular. These backpacks are very suitable for girls with feminine, gentle fashion styles.
Juno female backpack – an indispensable fashion accessory for trendy girls
With the desire to enhance the fashion style and style of women, Juno brings a collection of Juno female backpacks that are stylish and fashionable. In this collection, you can easily see the minimalistic backpack size, small size, bright colors are the mainstream.
The quality of the Juno women’s backpacks is also very good because it is mainly made from genuine leather, carefully and meticulously processed to every needle point to bring exquisite beauty. Not only that, when visiting Juno you can also freely choose backpacks with a variety of shapes from round shape, square box, monochrome or multi-color … Juno has bright colors. These backpacks are very suitable for office girls. Has all of the above brought you to Juno facilities across the country to immediately select one of them?

Jake Paul
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