The habit of arranging fresh flowers in the room is not only an elegant pleasure but also brings many health benefits such as reducing cough, cold, pain … Especially, if you are feeling moody, fresh flowers Also a natural stress reliever!
The small and lovely flowers always make us feel joyful and love life. Flowers are also an appropriate gift to reward yourself or give to others. Moreover, many studies have proven that flowers help us relax, happier and bring many other health benefits.

  1. Fresh flowers help improve mood
    Arranging fresh flowers in the room will make you happy when looking at the fresh, colorful flowers in the morning. Numerous behavioral studies also show that putting fresh flowers in the bedroom, kitchen, hallway or anywhere you start your day can help dispel any depression.
    Not only will you be happier, putting fresh flowers in your room will also help you relax and be more sympathetic to everyone . If you’re studying for an exam or about to give a presentation at the office, light colored flowers will help you relax and feel more relaxed.
    In a 2008 study, scientists Park and Mattson found that patients in rooms with fresh flowers or trees needed fewer postoperative analgesics, blood pressure and a more stable heart rate, less anxiety. more settled and tired. In general, patients in the room with fresh flower arrangements are more psychologically positive than patients who do not have the opportunity to watch fresh flowers.
    Research by Dutch scientists also found that sitting at the table with fresh flowers will help you feel much better mood.
  2. Fresh flowers energize
    Watching and enjoying the gentle fragrance of fresh flowers in the room will energize, making you more enthusiastic and more active in life. This is why the florists in the room are often more optimistic in daily life and at work.
    If you want to have more energy for the new day, choose brightly colored flowers with colors such as pink, purple, red, yellow, blue …
  3. Fresh flowers clean the air
    Arranging fresh flowers in a room helps bring many benefits to your physical health. Scientists at NASA have discovered at least 50 indoor plants and flowers capable of removing pollutants – the cause of headaches, coughs, colds , allergies and fatigue.
    Fresh plants and flowers absorb dangerous airborne toxins such as CO or formaldehyde, purify the air and release oxygen. Arranging fresh flowers in the room will help your living space become fresh and healthier.
  4. Fresh flowers stimulate creativity
    Besides the ability to help purify the air, arranging fresh flowers in the room also helps stimulate creativity. When you need to solve a problem, choose to see the flowers instead of drinking coffee from cup to cup.
    You can also arrange fresh flowers in bright colors and plant green plants in your child’s bedroom or where your baby often plays. This will encourage your child’s sense of responsibility and help him develop a rich imagination.

If you work at home, arranging flowers or putting plants around your home will help stimulate your creativity at work. In addition, many studies prove that fresh flowers also help improve concentration as well as increase capacity and performance.
Flowers with bright colors and large leaves like lilies are suggestions to help increase productivity.
Arranging fresh flowers in a room not only makes the room more lively but also brings many psychological and physical benefits to you. Try plugging a small vase in the room every day to help you get new ideas for work and reduce stress!

Jake Paul
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