Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day because it does not help speed up metabolism and support weight loss. This is a result drawn from research by researchers from the University of Bath (UK).

We have long considered breakfast to be the most important meal of the day because if you eat breakfast, you will both provide energy to the body and prevent overeating at later meals. during the day. This will help you lose weight or maintain weight effectively.
But contrary to this “belief” , researchers from bath University conducted research and suggested that breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day because it has little effect on habits. snacking or reducing the amount of food you will eat at later meals. It also has no effect on metabolism

According to the researchers, people who eat a good breakfast are in better health because they may have a healthy diet . They found that there was no change in metabolism between those who ate nothing for breakfast and those who consumed 700 calories before 11 noon (most of them ate about 2 hours after waking up). ).
The main difference only occurs when these people do not eat breakfast and eat very little throughout the day. This goes against the long-held theory that people who skip breakfast will eat more food on the rest of the day.
The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, led by Dr. James Betts – who admits “almost never breakfast”.
Dr Betts, head of the research team, a senior lecturer in nutrition, metabolism and statistics, told the New York Times: “Thinking breakfast is the most important meal of the day is the view “But the scientific evidence that breakfast can directly make changes to our health is not much.”
He added: “It is true that people who regularly eat breakfast tend to be healthy and have a good physique but in fact often follow other recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, including diet. balance, so we can’t conclude that breakfast alone has an impact on each person’s weight.Our randomized trial allows us to find out if breakfast is a whole causes an impact on health or is simply a sign of good health ” in the body.
In another study published this month, researchers at the University of Alabama in Birmingham divided participants into three groups. One group consists of people who skip breakfast, others always eat breakfast and the other group maintains their current diet.

As a result, after 4 months, no one in any group lost a significant amount of weight.
However, the value of breakfast cannot be denied. Breakfast helps you consume more energy, mainly to perform activities in the morning. Eating enough breakfast also helps stabilize blood sugar levels, especially late in the morning.

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