Delicious steak steak with premium sauce – Come to Mango Steak to experience American Beef Steak for only 108k.
Steak – also known as steak, is one of the most popular dishes in the world. However, this dish is labeled as “luxurious” compared to most young people. Also, to make a delicious Beef Steak dish requires not only the finest pieces of beef, but also the finesse and sophistication of the chef’s hand. Therefore, Steak becomes a “specialty” that is usually only sold at high-end restaurants.
But what do you think if today, we take you to a restaurant with “standard” steak, served in a 5 star space but priced at just over 100k?

Delicious steak is a piece of quality beef, with freshness, perfect soft. When processing, depending on the taste of the person eating, pieces of meat will be cooked to, medium cooked or re-cooked. Normally, many people prefer to choose a medium-sized steak, because the outer skin is grilled, smelling smoke and the inside is still pink, soft, sweet and fresh meat. The taste is mixed with the sauce, which must be done very well at this time, creating a very delicate and mellow harmony in the oral cavity.
It sounds so simple, but to make a piece of steak “standard” like that, not everywhere can do. Come to think of it, that steak requires not only the subtlety of choosing the best fresh meat, but also the baking technique, and how to prepare the sauce. Because steak does not have too many marinade stages “deceiving the taste buds”, the cook must be sensitive and skillful to prepare the stages perfectly. That being said, many people know how to make Steak, but who knows how to make the best Steaks.
However, Mango Steak at 118 Le Duan has the most famous steak in this style. Steak is also common in other restaurants, but steak here has its own taste and feel. The tender piece of meat is tender, fragrant without losing the natural sweetness, submerged in greasy, spicy sauce … The best thing to say is that it is too subjective, but maybe in Hanoi there are rare places where there is delicious steak “in tune” like that.

Delicious food must be placed in an appropriate place. Would you like to eat a tray of vermicelli with shrimp sauce in a luxurious restaurant? Or sit on grilled salmon with mashed beans in the middle of a dusty sidewalk? The interesting thing about enjoying food is that after you feel all the flavors of the dish, you turn to inhale the space around that dish, when it’s all in harmony, then you will enjoy it fully. the delicious, the level of the meal.
Understanding this, Mango Steak has created a luxurious, unique, “standard” American quality for Steak lovers. The wooden tables and chairs are made in a rustic style, luxurious leather seats, shiny glass door frames … All bring a very liberal atmosphere but no less class.
Hey, what is better than sitting to enjoy the scrumptious Steak, occasionally sipping a glass of red wine and turning around, finding yourself lost in some luxurious restaurant on American soil?

And good price
You would be wondering, delicious and beautiful, so the price would be … in heaven? But no, Mango Steak gives you a much more pleasant price than you think. The dishes at Mango Steak only from 50 – 300k only. Particularly famous Beef Steak only from 108k – a price too … “bargain” compared to what you can get back.
Besides, Mango Steak is also very psychological to customers when continuously launching incentive programs with food and drink menus at very reasonable prices and diverse.

Jake Paul
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