Eating a lot of meat will cause unexpected harm. If you are aware of this, we believe that you will consider reducing the amount of meat in your daily diet.
Misconception about eating meat
In the US, high-fat, high-protein meals like beef or hamburger are common. Proteins are valuable because they are a fundamental component of building a body. For that reason people think that eating animal-rich foods is good. Not just for athletes and children’s development. But also for the physically weak and old.
Even in Japan, this is deeply rooted in the idea that meat is a source of nutrients for a healthy body. And affected by American eating habits.

Fact about eating meat
The common belief that if you don’t eat meat then your muscle won’t grow obviously wrong. The proof of this is just looking at nature. People think that lions, tigers, leopards, etc. are predators that will grow.
However, the fact that herbivores like horses, deer, antelope … Their muscles are more developed than lions, tigers, leopards, tigers … The evidence is clear that lions and tigers lack a stable stamina to chase. prey in the long distance.
Instead, they will choose the small, old, sick … Or they stalk and hide then attack suddenly to prey back up. Because they themselves understand that they are incapable of long distance running. And cannot grow muscle than herbivores.
In fact, eating meat will grow faster. But when you reach a determined age. Your body’s development changes in a direction called aging. Eating a lot of meat will make the body grow faster. But it will also accelerate the aging process.
Perhaps you are not ready to cut off eating meat. That doesn’t change the fact that meat has an adverse effect on your health and accelerates the aging process.

Is eating a lot of meat good?
Eating a lot of meat is the cause of allergic reactions
If the protein is not broken down into nutrients into the blood. It is like an alien invading through the intestinal wall. This often happens to children. The body reacts when an external substance invokes an allergic reaction. The type of protein that causes allergies is usually caused by cow’s milk and eggs.
An excess of animal protein and allergic reactions occur. Causes increased impact on stomach atrophy, dermatitis, urticaria, ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel diseases

Eating a lot of meat causes cancer cells
Each cell contains DNA, the side effect of toxins in animal fat and protein. Can destroy DNA, turn into malignant cancer cells. Malignant cancer cells begin to multiply.
Our blood contains red, white and white blood cells. When white and lymph cells attack enemies like bacteria and viruses. Destroy them or separate them from them to cause harm. When these cells are destroyed, the body’s defense system is impaired. As a result, the body becomes infected, showing an abnormality with cancer cells.

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