Hamburger is one of the favorite dishes that are driving the world cuisine market. However, a lot of people have trouble eating hamburgers . Let’s find out how to enjoy this fast food properly you.

  1. How to eat hamburger by hand
    Eating hamburgers by hand is the most common and common way to eat. Typically, we usually hold a hamburger by placing two thumbs on the bottom of the cake, the remaining fingers on the lid. This way of eating seems perfect but it is actually wrong because when you eat ½ of the pie, the filling and vegetables will start to fall outside.
    If you want to eat a hamburger without falling, you need to know how to hold it firmly. The scientists studied the 3D structure of the hamburger and showed that the best way to hold a hamburger is to turn the cake upside down, using two thumbs and two little fingers to support the lid, three fingers. The remaining middle is placed at the bottom of the cake.
    Such a way of holding and placing fingers not only helps to limit the filling and sauce to the outside, but also keeps the greatest amount of beef and bread when eating.
    Also you should note:
    Do not hold the bread too tight as it will make the sauce easier to overflow.
    Cover the cake with a napkin to prevent the hands from getting covered in the sauce, while limiting the filling.
    Bite the piece of cake moderately so that the sauce won’t stick to the mouth, which will cause an aesthetic loss.
  2. How to use a knife to eat a Hamburger
    In addition to using your hands to eat Hamburger in the traditional style, you can also use a knife to enjoy this dish. Using a knife will make it much easier for you to eat hamburger dishes.
    Easily divide bread into small pieces to fit your mouth.
    Cake does not fall, when eating, there is no sauce on the floor or clothes.
    The dining style is more elegant and luxurious, suitable for partner meetings or dating.
    How to eat hamburger with a knife:
    Cut a hamburger into 2 or 4 pieces, depending on your needs. Use small pieces of cake to eat.
    If you want to use more sauce or seasoning, you can use a knife to apply these ingredients to the inside of the cake.
    Note that you should apply a thin layer of light, moderate, not so much because the filling is very easy to spill out when eating.
  3. Some notes when eating Hamburger
    In order to enjoy a delicious and luxurious hamburger, you should pay attention to the following issues.
    Do not use your hands to press firmly to crush the cake because doing so will cause the kernel to break, so that the sauce and gravy will seep into the crust, making the crust wet, while the filling is dry. The dish looks unsightly and is no longer delicious to enjoy.
    Eat hamburgers by holding them in reverse. When turning the cake upside down, since the lid is thicker than the bottom, it will be able to support the inner core better, to avoid falling the kernel.

Only use a moderate amount of sauce, do not use too much sauce.
Limit the use of broken hands. Breaking the inside with your hand will cause the inside of the kernel to shift and fall out. Instead, use a knife to cut the bread into small pieces and slowly enjoy. Using a knife will avoid getting your hands dirty and create a more polite eating style.
Eating a delicious hamburger without falling out of the crumbs or the sauce is not a simple and easy task. Hopefully through this article you have given yourself the “tips” to eat hamburger properly. Wish you a delicious cake!

Jake Paul
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