Unexpectedly, a timber tree has so many uses for treating diseases. You know all the great uses of Eucalyptus leaves or not, in this article we will introduce to you and you.

Eucalyptus is a timber tree grown in our country from the plains to the midlands and mountains. It seems to be a simple tree, but not eucalyptus is a very precious medicine used in many traditional medicine remedies.

Science name
Eucalyptus tree has a scientific name: Aromadendron Andrews ex Steud. Belong to the Kim Nuong family.
The other name is eucalyptus. According to Wikipedia statistics, there are now more than 700 species of eucalyptus in the world.
Harvesting and processing
The leaf is the part used to make medicine. Folk often use fresh leaves or Dry Leaves. Eucalyptus leaves do not need to be further processed but can be used.

Note: Eucalyptus leaves are for external use only.
In addition to direct use Eucalyptus leaves are also used industrially to extract essential oils (also known as Eucalyptus essential oils), a high-value essential oil that is widely used in medicine and in industry. Cosmetic industry.

Chemical composition
In Eucalyptus leaves there is a large amount of essential oil with a very pleasant aroma. This oil is called Khuynh Diep essential oil.
According to traditional medicine Eucalyptus leaves have a bitter taste, welding properties.
Uses for treating eucalyptus leaves
According to traditional medicine Eucalyptus leaves have many good uses. Here is one of the typical uses of this medicine;
Treatment of cough, sputum
Treatment of osteoarthritis pain
Treatment of armpit odor
Treatment of scabies, itchy skin
How to use eucalyptus leaves
Cough treatment: use essential oil for topical application, especially on the chest, throat and temples. If you don’t have essential oils, you can use Eucalyptus leaf and lemongrass to boil and bathe.
Treatment of osteoarthritis pain: Using Eucalyptus essential oil to massage aching joints. Or use eucalyptus leaves to boil water for steam.
Treatment of armpit odor: using crushed fresh eucalyptus leaves, rubbing into the armpits after bathing. Each day is a continuous way to do this for about a week, you will feel the wonderful effect of this medicine.
Treatment of scabies, itchy skin: take Eucalyptus leaves to boil daily. Eucalyptus Water smells of essential oil and bitter taste (This scabies scabies scent makes it leave other places to live).

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