How can i change my shipping address?
Typically, you can only do this the same day an order was placed because items are shipped as fast as possible.
How can i track my orders & payment?
The USPS service allows a domestic shipment that hasn’t been delivered for delivery to be held at a Post Office.
How do i cancel my orders before i make a payment?
Call to us and you will get a agent. Once there explain your issue and ask to speak with the local delivery center.
What are the payment methods available?
FedEx can reroute a shipment if it is authorized by the sender, this can include changes from one street address.
How can i use my remain account credits?
You can report “delivered to the wrong address” in the Track Package link but there is no way to ask for a refund there.
Why must i make payment immediately checkout?
Make note of the address and ship to correct address, have the buyer replace the order with the correct address.
Why is there a checkout limit? What are all the checkout limits?
Amazon does not allow you to update your shipping address once your order has shipped, you can update your address from Amazon account home page.
How long will it take for my order to arrive after I make payment?
The shipper can request to change a delivery address from what was originally on the air waybill or shipping label.
What happens if there's been a delivery mishap to my order?
When you select UPS Delivery Intercept, you can return to Sender, return the package to the shipper
What does the sales rank mean?
If it is addressed to someone else, then you are obligated to make efforts to either return it or deliver it to the recipient.
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